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Paramount Capital

Since 2011,
Redefining Oil and Gas
Trading and Investments

Paramount Capital, founded in 2011, as a merchant of crude oil and oil products. From the very beginning we differentiated ourselves by committing to long term business relationships and the application of innovate trading solutions.

Biofuels Trading

Expertise in trading Biofuels

Biofuels Trading

Providing in depth experience on trade, commodities and shipping legal issues affecting the biofuels industry.

Oil & Gas Trading

Expertise in trading Oil and Energy

Oil & Gas Trading

Commercially focused energy trading advice to assist global clients

Liquified Natural Gas

Expertise in LNG Consultancy

Liquified Natural Gas

Deep understanding of the global LNG supply chain and assists clients in navigating through challenging markets.
Paramount Capital

Innovating everyday to meet mordern day needs

Companies need to recognize changes in the environment and “adjust their sails” in order to meet the new challenges confronting them. Companies need to constantly change to bring about innovation, customer satisfaction, improved value and competitiveness; Paramount Capital with a view to realign its existing business and increase focus on individual growth strategies of each business, proposes to rearrange its business by segregating its traditional shipping business, and petroleum sales, into separate entities which would enable a better and focused approach to needs of growth and consolidation and would assist such entities to pursue their individual growth strategies, thereby resulting in enhancement of their business prospects and shareholder’s value;

"We are focused on maximizing shareholders value by maximizing return on our investments"

Our Company

Paramount Capital is an independent Oil energy and Shipping company based in Singapore, operating as an integrated basis and specializing in Oil exploration, production, trade and sea transportation with international operations across Europe, Africa and Middle East;

Paramount Capital operates as a fully integrated international merchant of petroleum products, focused on the supply and trade of light petroleum fuel oil, refined oil products and other petrochemical products to local refineries in West Africa and Mediterranean countries.

The Company’s strategy is to replicate its successes in Oil and Gas Energy and maritime transportation sectors.


We all need energy to heat and light our homes, drive our cars and more. Matching energy supply to global demand involves an extensive and complex supply chain.
We procure our products –LPFO – Crude Oil – AGO – LPG, from our related sources (such as refineries, Crude suppliers and traders), sell and resale either as raw commodity to our customers or refine to the benefit of end-users. We further have crude oil trading specialist in our staff with first-hand knowledge and expertise in the markets, maintain long term relationships with supplying sources and buyers, and they are actively involved in developing projects, related to existing and new crude oil flow and other products.
Every day, our trading teams deal in oil markets. Their main goal is to meet the Company’s needs by maximizing the value of our sales and deliveries to our customers under the best market conditions and importing/exporting products to match supply to demand in local markets. Our executive team works in close coordination and compose a part of the Company’s shareholder base; Our sales team has extensive experience in the oil and oil products business, built on enduring customer relationships. Our reputation for delivering results reliably and over the long-term is a hard-earned asset, underpinning the confidence shown by those who rely on us;


Transporting oil from production sites to demand regions takes a robust and comprehensive supply chain that includes maritime transport and storage sites.

Shipping oil requires advanced technical expertise and excellent coordination. Our priority at every step in the transport process is to ensure the safety of our employees, the environment, our ships and our cargo.

Our shipping teams organize the transport of oil from producing regions to customers.

Our maritime logistics team provides freight and shipping services to our sales and deliveries the oil products to the clients using our own tanker fleet. Our fleet is managed by the key regional office in Piraeus and Tema, who perform the day-to-day operations and the attendance of the vessels. Today, as one of the Asian independent commodity trading and shipping house, Paramount Capital is at the forefront of the oil industry in the area

We operate as a leading maritime transport company based on our vast experience in the shipping industry for the last 11 years. During 2016 – 2017 we processed 87 shipments of crude oil and refined products. We maintain our own fleet of four tankers.


For Investments

Investing means buying some shares into our trading activities. When you fund your portfolio account and select an investment package, we automatically assign your package to the quantity of oil that can be traded with the given budget

When you fund your portfolio account and select an investment package, we automatically assign your package to the quantity of oil that can be traded with the given budget

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